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Research data sharing: the EDCTP Knowledge Hub

Today, a first public version of a knowledge tool for research data sharing was presented at the EDCTP Forum. It was developed by a team from The Global Health Network. The session aimed to introduce the tool to an audience of clinical researchers and to receive as much feedback from them as possible.

Dr Michael Makanga, EDCTP Executive Director, introduced this EDCTP-funded project. Open data sharing, in general, is seen more and more as a key factor for progress in many areas. From banking to climate change, data and know-how are shared in professional fields to make faster progress by learning best practices and housing better data.

In medical research, clinical teams face mostly the same challenges, regardless of the disease studied, or the location of the studies. Yet in medical sciences, these opportunities presented by open data and data sharing have not really been embraced. It is time we harness this to speed up our progress.

To support its grantees, EDCTP commissioned The Global Health Trials Network to create an open, neutral and shared platform that facilitates data sharing and enables capacity development. A set of research guidance tools was build and its first version was presented to its target audience. The ‘EDCTP knowledge hub’ will be open to all and offers access to a range of tools for managing and sharing data, guidance for conducting clinical research leading to faster progress.

The EDCTP knowledge hub will also link to a selection of other resources, such as the Networks of Excellence, the networks for research preparedness in epidemic outbreaks (Pandora and ALERRT), as well as other relevant initiatives.