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2nd in-person investigators’ meeting in Barcelona – November 2022

For the second time since the launch of the MAMAH project, investigators from all partner institutions came together in a face-to-face meeting. The meeting took place on the 29th and 30th of November 2022, in the facilities of ISGlobal in Barcelona.

Collaborating together in a room works much better than via Zoom…”

Text by Meral Esen (EKUT)

From 29th November until 1st December 2023, the second MAMAH and first MA-CoV investigator in-person meeting took place at ISGlobal in Barcelona after four years of online meetings. Some partners participated remotely.

The first MAMAH investigator meeting had taken place already in 2018 in Lisbon and a second face-to-face meeting was scheduled for 2020. Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the last years, travelling was not possible for most of the consortium members including researchers from Mozambique, Gabon, Germany, Austria and Spain.

“Finally, we were able to meet in Barcelona, where we stayed together for almost three days, free from other commitments and disruptions that usually occur when you are at your workplace attending an online meeting” and “We had a really fruitful meeting – much more efficient than online e.g. via zoom” was stated from all the participants who joined the meeting on site.

Each site presented their achievements and challenges during the project, and all of the partners discussed any problems that had occurred and were mostly resolved during the studies. Plans for future activities were also presented and discussed. There was enough time for fruitful discussions and side meetings that resulted in new ideas for ancillary as well as for follow-up studies.

All in all, the scientists were very happy that the two studies turned out so well despite the challenges of the pandemic and its aftermath. They are keen to finalize the studies and to gain new knowledge in the field of maternal and infant health.